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May be some of you is thinking to buy a smart wireless doorbell due to its handy usage. Before you do that I would recommend that you do some research and find out what challenges you could be facing during the installation.

I am pretty sure you visited our website because want to know more about this XTU J7C Smart doorbell which you are planning to buy, but you want to know more about it, and I would say you came to the right place.  

XTU J7C is a 2K battery-powered video doorbell camera. It is a 100% wire-free that can be placed anywhere you like with no cords or wiring hassles. It has a 2K FHD video quality, live stream and watching recordings. It has a built-in long-lasting rechargeable 4500mAh lithium battery. Another feature of this products is, it has an advanced PIR motion detection and night vision detecting distance up to 10M or 33 ft. You will see more of every moment due to its 166 degree wide viewing angle. It does support 2 - way audio communication straight from a smartphone. It also support a local storage by Micro SD card up to 128 GB. You can access it to a smartphone using a free app which support remote viewing on iOS or Android. 

Aside from the above mentioned features, this smart doorbell has a real-time alert, water proof, cloud storage aside from the local storage and very convenient as you will monitor and answer the doorbell anytime and anywhere you are as long as internet is available. You can also share the account with your family members, it can share up to 5 users.


BATTERY : 3.7V 18.5wh (Rechargeable)


Installing this product is easy and straight forward, but sometimes unexpected challenges happened. Check out our video to find out more and know how to fix it. 

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If you have watch the video above, I am pretty sure you know one of the challenges that you might be facing is a weak internet signal, especially if the  placement of your router is far from the door. So using a Wi-Fi extender is one of the options you can have to boost you wi-fi signal. Also, this smart doorbell doesn't recommend to install it in a direct sunlight and crowded place.

What can I say about this product?

Honestly, I am happy with the product. It is really a great help. Especially if you are doing something and you can't come straight away at you doorstep, so talking to someone at your door at the tip of you finger is so convenient. As long as internet is strong I don't  have a problem with it, however if I am outside or at work and signal wasn't good, there are times that I missed a call, I think you need to make sure that your mobile provider has a good signal in order to avoid this. But otherwise, this gadget is very useful and I recommend it. It is a great way to monitor your home if you are away. You can retrieve videos using the SD card or cloud if needed so. 

Get the User Manual of XTU J7C Wireless Smart Doorbell

If for some reason you lost you user manual and badly needed it, all you need to do is come back here and retrieve it. 

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