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Last January 2023, while we were on holiday to Philippines we decided to visit once again the animal sanctuary in Vigan Ilocos Sur Philippines - The BALUARTE. It  is a zoological park and was established by politician and businessman, Chavit Singson. Initially it was only a rest house for Singson. The site was already known as Baluarte prior to Singson's arrival, which came from the Spanish term for "stronghold" or "fortress".

Singson, who cites his hunting hobby as his motive in setting up Baluarte only considered opening a zoo when his hunting trophy collection grew too big. He thought that a zoo would serve to edify it patrons aside from promoting conservation and protection of endangered species. Described as an interactive wildlife sanctuary, the facility was designed and developed by Singson himself. Operations were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the zoo has since reopened. [1] 

Every time we went home Philippines for a vacation, we usually visit this sanctuary and this is our third time coming to this zoo park, considering that it is only an hour away from my husband's place. So far nothing have much change from the last time when we were in. I guess the pandemic have a great impact with this as they were close during those times. Last time the entrance was free, but this time they charge for a small entrance free and you are being marked once to paid and went in. 

I was expecting one of the constructed area the last we visited was open during our visit, however, it remained unfinished. I noticed that more visitors came than the last time. The gazebo that was on the top hill was gone and the highlights that you could see there was the close encounter with the lion which is not there from last time. 

The Safari Gallery remained astonishing and was maintained very well. 

The weather this time of the year was great as it is not too hot and it's quite ideal to enjoy the walk around the park. We also pass by the golden building where Chavit Singson usually stay and it remained eye catchy whenever you see it. Furthermore, this zoo park is not only beneficial to the owner but also to the local residents. In front of this park are the stalls where souvenirs and snacks are being sold, which mean locals can  get their means of living and I find it impressive. 

Overall I would say this place is great way to spend time with family together and I would expect more improvements and update to this place in the near future. People don't need to get out to far places just to experience and see these exotic animals. It is very educative especially to the young ones. 

 So what can you say guys? I have also the video of the previous visit  and if you would like to see the difference from last time, this is a great time to do it. Please note in this video, the entrance was free, but if you want to go with the tour ride you have to pay for it. Check out our previous video below...

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