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We have recently did a kitchen house extension and got a new water tap set. It has already a splash proof nozzle, however the problem is I find the two button where you can switch the bubbling and rain style water outlet quite uncomfortable to use. I can feel a little strain on my finger and wrist and if I keep doing it, eventually it can give joint problems. So I decided to look for an alternative for this item. I found this anti-splash tap nozzle online and it does looks pretty similar to the colour of our water tap. After checking its reviews and dimensions making sure it is suitable for our water tap outlet, I finally made it a go. Please watch the video below to find out its features and whether this product is the one that you are looking for. 

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Tips in buying Anti- splash Water Tap Nozzle :

1. Know the dimensions. Many buyers will depend on the images seen, but actually the size would be way far from the reality. So always check the size of the product against to the item that you need to fit in. 

2. Check the reviews of the said product. Reviews is a good gauge how the the product performs. So always check what the other people says. Usually you will see stars to indicate reviews of the product and the higher the star the better. Find out why some other people give a lower start and see whether this will affect your need in buying this product. 

3. Buy initially in lower quantity. If you are planning to buy in a bundle or in a larger quantity, I would suggest that you get 1 item initially especially if you are not familiar with the product yet. You can also ask a sample, this way you will be able to check whether this item performs to its best and it is worth enough to buy it in a larger quantity. So that you will not be end up paying a high cost, and returning it at the end.

Want to know the main features of this product?

• It is ideal for replacement or spare spout head for kitchen sink mixer tap.

• It has 2 spray setting: rain and bubbling style.

• It is made of ABS plastic material and plating finish.

• It has a universal connection which is 1/2 inch.

• Easy to install and clean.

• Perfect to match on your silver colour water tap outlet.

• Size:  Upper diameter - 28 mm
            Lower diameter - 51.8 mm
            Height - 82.2 mm

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