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At home, one of the most place that my son loves to stay around is our lower part of the stairs. He likes to do things with his tablet on that corner and spent a lot of time in there, as a result our light bulb is "on" most of the time and worst it is still on even he moves to another place, especially during the day. At the end, this affects our electricity bills. So in order to help minimize the usage of the electricity, I decided to search for a sensor light that could help us to solve this problem. Then I found this DIYZON PIR Motion Sensor Light. One of the reason why I bought this product is, its because it has a unique shape and design. It is a flat round bulb and accented with grey near the edges. I find it elegant to look. It has a white cool light temperature which really suits to what I am looking for to brighten the room very well. 

Of course most of all, it is automatic. I don't need to worry if my son will left it open because I know it will turn off by itself once no movement was detected, usually within 40 - 60 seconds. Also, the standby electricity consumption is only 0.3W which is way better if it is "on" all the time at 15W (100W Equivalent).

Another advantage of this product is, it is easy to install. It fits to E27 socket. Once installed it will automatically do its job. It has a standby mode features, which means if there is enough light coming to the room and it is well lighted, the bulb will not turn on, instead it will enter into a standby mode. But once it gets darker, it will automatically sense the it needs to light up. Isn't it clever!

I am not sure whether it is an advantage or disadvantage. I think this depends on the user. The light that it emits was quite bright especially if you put it in a little contained area and with lower ceiling. But, I think if you gonna place it in higher and wider area, I am pretty sure it will do its job to the fullest. 

Some of the things you need to consider in buying this product is that, it should not be place where it could get damp, frost or place with violent temperature change because it could affect the sensor and malfunction. 

Check out the video below, everything is outline and you will see how it performs in reality. Watch it till the end!

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