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When I was young specifically during my primary school days, I always buy this candy from my classmate. It is one of my favourite then. But now, as an adult I seldom eat this delicacies probably because I don't see it in the market anymore as I am now residing abroad. But at times I still crave for it and consume it sensibly to prevent high sugar intake. Of course, now as a mom I would like to share this heavenly treats to my kids so I decided to made one for them. 

Its name is from the Spanish word yema which means “egg yolk”. It is believed that yema originated from early Spanish construction materials when egg whites mixed with quicklime and eggshells were used as a type of mortar to hold stone walls together. The discarded egg yolks were reused to make various dishes like leche flan and yema.*

Cooking yema is very easy, however, learning some techniques in making it is very important. So watch our video until the end to know the secret ...

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PREP TIME:  5 mins          COOKING TIME:    20 - 30 mins             SERVINGS:  30 - 50 candies


* Continuously stir the mixture until it turn into  a solid to prevent burning and sticking to the pan.
* Set aside to cool down prior forming into a ball. The mixture is more harder when cool down compared to while it is warm, thus it is easier to shape.
* Ensure that the caramel is not overcook, once it started to melt put it in a low heat setting. And dip the yema immediately while it is still hot, since caramel easily get hardened when cool down. 
* When planning to sell it, it would be better to wrap it with cellophane.

    4 eggyolks
    1 can condense milk
    2 tablespoon butter
    1 1/2 cup sugar


1. Prepare the egg yolk. Separate the egg yolk from the egg white, and put it in a small bowl.
2. Then add the condense milk and mix it thoroughly using a whisk. Set aside. 

3. Heat a pan, and melt the butter.
4. Pour the egg yolk and condense milk mixture into the heated butter. Continuously stir until it thickens and turn into solid. Remove from heat and let it cool down. 

5. Once at room temperature, form it into a ball and put it over a parchment paper to prevent it from sticking ( alternatively, you can put it in a plate greased with butter ). 

6. Then insert the stick or tooth pick in the middle.  Set  aside.
7. Heat a separate small pan, and pour the sugar. Initially put in a medium heat setting then keep in a low heat setting after.  Constantly stir the sugar until everything is melted and caramelized. 
8. Once caramelized, hold the stick of the yema and dip it into the caramelized sugar. Ensure that the whole yema is coated. 

9. Let the excess sugar drip and put the yema back where you took it before. Cool it down to hardened the caramel.
10. And you can enjoy and share your super yummy home made candy - the yema! 

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