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The winter is about to end and sun is starting to show up,  so we decided to look for another place to visit as we are so excited to get out from our den after a long time hibernating due to the Covid pandemic. As we search the internet we came across this attraction just near to our place - "The Irish National Stud & Garden" in Tully, Kildare, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

The horses have been born and bred on this 800-acre site. Colonel William Hall Walker, a friend of the British aristocracy, had a passion for racehorses and set about turning the Tully land into one of Europe's premier studs.  He succeeded, even if some of his ideas, such as the belief that foals with unfavourable horoscopes were doomed to fail, now seem a little unusual.  

The astrologically-inclined gentlemen not only loved horses, but also horticulture and it was under his direction that the magnificent Japanese Gardens were created. They are colourful and spiritual portrayal of a soul's journey from birth to death, reminiscent of that which we all must make. *

If  you want to know more about the place before coming, this video is perfect for your curious imagination. Watch till the end. Seeing the place is still the best thing to feel and experience the serenity of the place.

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Here are the list of spots that you can visit in this place:

* Hall Walker StatueThe sculpture depicts Hall Walker taking in the majesty of his creation which was beautifully crafted in bronze by sculptor Bob Quinn.

* Sun Chariot Yard / Floating unit - breeding facility

* Invincible Spirit StatueYou might have thought that Invincible Spirit was one of a kind at the Irish National Stud, the 22-year-old having supplied 18 elite winners, founded a flourishing sire-line and almost single-handedly kept the operation's finances in the black in recent years.**

* Black Abbey - This sturdy ruin was built in the early 13th century as a preceptory for the Knights of St John of Jerusalem. Consists mostly of a tall square Tower and some adjoining walls.

* Sea of Stars Sculpture - This symbolizes an idea that the stars a horse was born under could material influence its performance in the racecourse.

* Stallion Boxes - This is a place where the horses stay and considered as there home.

* Stallion Paddocks / Oak Walk

* Kildare Yard 

* St Fiachra's Garden Named for St. Fiachra, the patron saint of gardeners, this garden feels natural and unplanned; every bridge and waterfall fits so perfectly.

* Living Legend - These ‘Living Legends’ excelled themselves on the racecourse and here they live like kings of the turf.

* Tully Walk - It is a roadway to the rail fences where horses are being freed and enjoy the outdoor life.

* Pavilion / Playground / Picnics With a great variety of play equipment including swings, slides and climbing frames, the play area overlooks our fallabella and Living Legends paddocks.

* The Irish Racehorse ExperienceThe world-leading interactive attraction traces the life of a racehorse from birth to retirement and allows the visitor to purchase, name, train and ride their own racehorse in a virtual experience like no other.

* Japanese GardenIt took forty labourers, four years to lay out the garden at a cost of £38,000. Hundreds of tons of rock were carted from the Silliot hills and large mature Scots Pines were transplanted from  Dunmurray. Eida’s brother lived in Japan at this time and between them they organised a chartered cargo from Japan to bring stone lanterns, plants, bonsai, a teahouse and a miniature village carved out of lava from Fujiyama,  to Tully.     


Sea of Stars Sculpture

Invincible Spirit Statue

Arrow signs

Flowers in a pot

Colonel William Hall Walker Statue- starting point of the tour

Japanese Garden


* Leaflets of Irish National Stud & Gardens


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