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Re-growing plants like spring onion is an interesting thing to do. There are various kinds of method on how to do this, however, in this blog I will show you how to do it in an indoor hydroponic system. What is good thing with this project is that you don't need to buy for your materials, instead you just need to be creative and clever enough to know what is the available resources around you. Also, prior making this project know the techniques and the do's and don'ts, in order to achieve the good result. 

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To do this project here are the materials need:
  • 2 litre bottle
  • cut onion bulbs
  • scissor
  • shovel & rake
  • gloves
  • soil
  • pebbles 
  • chopping board
  • water

  1. First cut the bulbs for about 2 inches long and wash.
  2. Then in a small pot add a little water and the level should be just above the roots of the spring onions.
  3. Make sure you  wash the roots and change the water twice a day to prevent moulds from forming.
  4. After 10 - 12 days the spring onions had grown well and new roots come out. It is the perfect time to transfer to the bigger pot.
  5. With this project we are going to make an indoor hydro-phonics growing pot system.
  6. Now let's prepare the cloth. I use the fragrance free baby wipes, just make sure you  washed it thoroughly. This will serve as the medium for the continues supply of water to the plant. 
  7. Then cut the water bottle that will be used for the hydro-phonics growing system. The top part of the bottle will be use for the growing where the soil will be placed and the bottom part will serve as the water system supplying the plants.
  8. Let's start planting the spring onions,  first remove the cap of the bottle and insert the cloth, just estimate that there is enough length that will dangle to the water and the rest on the top should touch the soil.
  9. Then put the stones on the bottom part of the top bottle. This will prevent the soil from going down the water. 
  10. Using the shovel add the soil, once it is halfway of the container, place 2 - 3 of the grown spring onions then keep adding the soil until the root part will be covered. Align them accordingly.
  11. Do the same on the rest of the spring onions.
  12. Since it is indoor, I brought it inside the house and put the water on the bottom part of the bottle. This will give an ongoing supply of water to the plants. The water travels to the cloth upward making the soil damp all the time.
In cold places, it is a bit challenging because the water doesn't evaporate very well making the upper part of the soil moist all the time leading to the development of the moulds, however, we got some technique to solve this problem. Please watch our next video on how to prevent the moulds from forming in the soil of our plants. In  warmer places this could be a perfect indoor or outdoor hydro-phonic system saving a lot of time from watering your plants.

So now find a perfect place to them. Ensure that there is a direct sunlight to make sure their healthy growth.

Also, I would recommend to change the water every 3 days to have fresh water supply to the plants and prevents other green moulds forming under the water.

After 2 weeks, I notice that the roots are growing well and longer. In fact one bottle got the roots reached the water level. Isn't amazing.

Hope we have given you some ideas how to use you indoor space for your hydro-phonic plants. Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more interesting DIY tips. 

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