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Yema is popular in the Philippines as sweets or candies. It is a type of a candy that mainly use egg yolks and condense milk, cook until solidified and formed into pyramid, elongated or ball shape . But mind you, yema now a days has lots of uses. It can be use for fillings or toppings as well, and that is what our recipe for today is all about. 

But have you ever wondered where did the yema come from? I have read in one of the article from Ang Sarap, that yema have originated from Bulacan Province in the Philippines as it is well known from different Filipino sweets. There are also some accounts that it was invented during the Spanish era where egg yolks are thrown away after using the egg whites in constructing buildings. During those times, egg whites are mixed with cement to give a marble like finish when it dries up. Since the egg yolks are thrown away an ingenious Filipino saved the yolks and mixed it with milk, sugar and peanuts which is what we call yema now.[33] Can you imagine how many egg whites were used to construct those buildings... I think is it only right to save those egg yolks and find ways how to make the most of it. As a result we got the super duper yema. 

So lets start cooking... tell us your thoughts about it....


  • 1 can condense milk
  • 8 egg yolks
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  1. In a medium heated pan, pour the condense milk.
  2. Then add the egg yolks. Mix the 2 ingredients  very well.
  3. Next add the vanilla extract.
  4. Keep stirring all the time to prevent the mixture from sticking to the pan. Do this until the mixture is thickened and cook to the desired consistency.
  5. You will noticed eventually that the mixture is  solidified and at this stage you can remove it from the fire.
  6. Transfer to a bowl and your yema is ready to use for fillings or toppings.

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