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Kamote cue is one of my favorite mid-afternoon snack during my school days in the Philippines. I still remember at my high school days, during our afternoon break we would go out of the school campus and buy kamote cue to the street vendors nearby. Everyone loves buying it, at times you have to wait and watch it being cook, before you could taste the delicious, soft and yummy kamote cue.

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Kamote cue (sweet potato cue) is a deep fried sweet potato caramelized with brown sugar, then skewered with bamboo stick. Not like the meat barbecue that you have to use bamboo stick to hold it while cooking, in kamote cue this bamboo stick is purely for holding purposes. It is one of the popular street foods in the Philippines, along with banana cue and turon.

Although, cooking kamote cue sounds so easy, actually there is a trick that you have to know in order to have a perfect sugar coating around it. So read through our instructions and find out what it is. I would like to share this with you because I failed few times before, the sugar did not caramelize very well and did not stick to the kamote (sweet potato) as it should be. So I would say this is an important thing for you to know if you are cooking kamote cue.

Below are the things that we needed and an instructions on how to cook it. Try it and tell us your thoughts about it by leaving the comments below..

  • 500 g sweet potato - cut crosswise about  1 cm thick ( Asian sweet potato is preferred)
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1 cup oil

  • bamboo skewers

  1. Heat the pan to a medium-high setting.
  2. Pour the oil and wait till it gets hot.
  3. Fry the kamote ( sweet potato). Once it turned yellowish, turn to the other side. If you are deep frying, just keep an eye once it turned yellowish we are ready for the next step.
  4. If both sides are yellowish (it doesn't need for the kamote to be really cooked), start to sprinkle the brown sugar. Note: the amount will depend how sweet you want it to be. So I would advice to add 3 - 4 tbsp first and see how it goes, then you can add as necessary. Make sure the sugar is deep into the hot oil. Tips: maintain on a medium-high heat for the sugar to caramelize very well. If your oil is not hot enough, it will give a formed sugar coating and not caramelized. But of course make sure that it is not too hot that could burn your caramel.
  5. Turn to other side when necessary especially when the sugar turned to caramelize. This will give an even coating all over the kamote. Tips: avoid too much turning as this could make your kamote to break up.
  6. Once your kamote is coated well with the caramelized sugar, you can start to skew it while it is still in the oil, however, lower the heat to prevent it from burning. This is because kamote cue usually stick each other once they cools down. Tip: avoid putting in the paper towel or plastic drainer because it can stick unto it. If you would like to get rid of the excess oil, place it first in the aluminum or steel drainer before putting in the serving plate.
  7. Let it cool down. Then you can share and ENJOY!

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