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Making our home more presentable requires a bit of a challenge sometimes and could be a bit expensive. However, if  we are adventurous it could be fun and a good way of learning new things. Like for me, I found my new way of beautifying our little home. Buying big canvas wall frame was too dear at times, so I did some research and I found some useful website where I can buy cheap big canvas pictures. The only problem is this cheap canvas has no frame on it. So for an enthusiastic person like me I made some plans on how to make one. Making this wood frame wasn't straight forward, but it gives you a satisfaction within yourself that you could actually do it.

In this project, you need some equipments/tools which probably you had already in the past and these are the following:
  • Wood frame 
  • Wood cutter ( desirable with 45 degrees cutting blade )
  • Stapler and staple wires
  • No more nails adhesive
  • Belt clamp
  • Picture canvas
It looks too much if you are working for the first time, but actually if you gonna think of it, most of this equipment can be use again in the future. So don't be put off about it, instead be inspired that you can have more chances of doing another DIY project in the future as you got the right tools to use. 

Before cutting the woods, make sure you got a complete idea of what you gonna do. I would advice that you should create a plan on how to make it. Use your imagination and picturing out what's the outcome for your project.

Once you got the plan, know the measurements of your frame and cut the end 45 degrees accordingly using wood cutter. And stick the end using the adhesive, then secure it with the belt clamp. Please note that adhesive will take long to dry up, so leaving the belt clamp overnight is recommended.

When the adhesive dried up next day,  you can remove the belt clamp and staple the connections to make it more stronger. From here you can start putting your canvas and securing them on the middle using staple wire on every sides. Pull the canvas just on the right tightness as you secure it with the staple, this is to avoid any crease or looseness.

Also, don't forget to put a halfway staple on the inner 3/4 of the frame for string placement. Before you know it, you already have a beautiful canvas wall décor. Now all you need to do is place it on your desired place.

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