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It's Christmas time once again this 2019! Everyone is busy looking for a perfect gift, wrapping and ready them to be given to their love ones. Others would be planning what decorations they will put on their walls and all over their house. And of course others are busy planning for a Christmas party!  Speaking of Christmas party, last 1st December 2019 the J & C Corner has attended a SVUH Support Staff Christmas Party. It is the time of the year where in families could come together and celebrate the Christmas. 

Organizing this party takes a lot of effort, but seeing everyone is having fun is worth it. From decorations, menus, programs, games, prizes and Santa's gift giving. Everyone had participated and do their share - that's is the spirit of Christmas! 

So we opened our party with a prayer to give thanks to our Lord for giving us all a wonderful and meaningful 2019. Since mostly of us didn't have their lunch and busy preparing for the party we dive in straight away in the table and enjoy the tasty food served. After that we started our program, we got games for kids and adults too! Others participated in an intermission numbers and we would say they are all talented, well done guys!

Everyone had so much fun, you can see in everyone's face the real essence of a happy Christmas party. Kids was amused when they received gifts from Santa. Well, since Santa was not feeling well, Mrs Claus came instead to help Santa give the kids present. Each and everyone was delighted of what they received. 

We would say this Christmas party is really a success and thanks to everybody for being a part of it, till next year again....

And of course, picture taking won't be forgotten, so here are some of our lovely 46 memorable photos! To see all the pictures please click the arrow on sides.

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