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Hi guys in this video we will be making this super duper yummy snow ball pastillas themed for the upcoming Christmas celebration. The two kids really like this milk base sweets and they always ask to make one for them. But guys, do you have any idea where this recipe came from? At first I didn't know either, so I did my research. When I first heard the name Pastillas it sounds like it is from a Spanish word,  but actually I found out that this recipe was originated from the country of Philippines. In history, Philippines was once occupied by a Spanish regime, so no wonder if some of the language are being incorporated in the Philippine culture. 

According to, Pastillas traces back its origins to San Miguel, Bulacan, Philippines where it began as a homemade milk soft candy in homes of farmers tending to cows. Sometimes it is called Pastillas de leche, as its name implies is made with cow's or carabao's milk mixed with sugar and sometimes a bit of citrus. And it can be flavored with different fruits and extracts. In Bulacan, they celebrate the Pastillas Festival annually since 2006.

Now a days, Pastillas become the part of Philippine delicacies and can be seen in stores all over the Philippines and even worldwide. 

Doing this research, makes me more amaze as I wasn't aware these facts before considering that we  are originated from the Philippines. This makes me more proud of what we have.

So guys, we would like to share this recipe to all of you and more or less you will learn to appreciate and love it too. Here are the simple ingredients and steps on how to make this love mouthwatering dessert.


Please note that measurements depends on how much you gonna make.

  • Condense Milk
  • Powdered Milk
  • Sprinkles
  • Cup cases

Directions how to make it:
  1. In a bowl, pour condense milk on your desired amount - depending on how many you want to make.
  2. Next slowly add the powdered milk. Keep mixing using fork or spatula while you are doing this. Ensure that you are not putting the powdered milk too much as this will make the pastillas hard if expose to air for a long time. 
  3. When the mixture starts to form, begin kneading it with your hands. Use a plastic gloves or vinyl gloves when doing this ( In this video we haven't used it as we run out of the vinyl gloves). You will be able to know that the mixture is right when you can form the pastillas into a ball without sticking to your gloves or finger. 
  4. Divide the pastillas into several portions and roll them until it will turn into a ball. The size  would depend on what you prefer or also on the size of the cup cases.
  5. Roll the pastillas ball on the sprinkles before putting them into the cup cases.
And that's it! You got a perfect yummy pastillas ready to pack as a present. Pretty sure someone will be delighted of what you have done. Goodluck and enjoy !

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