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Bedtime stories are always popular to our little ones before going to bed. That is why we prepared this video for your little ones to watch before snuggling to their bed. The story is called The Lost Chimp. Obviously, the story sounds it's about a monkey ( chimp ). So find your right spot to seat and start listening to our lovely story for tonight. 

Let's find out how this chimp was lost and how everyone find him. And leave us on the comment box below what lesson have you learned from listening to this story. 

For parents who wants to entertain their kids before bedtime, you don't need to worry of the expenses for buying expensive books, all you need is visit your local library and search for the right book. Not only you will save money, but also you will get some tips and activities available for little ones. Hope that this simple suggestions could give you an additional idea how to bring amusement to you kids.

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