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Hello everyone! Our video today is about this 3D acrylic decal wall decor. If you are planning to do some decorations in your house there are certain things that you have to consider. Of course, these are the following: your space in the house, budget and the design you wanted. 

First, we are going to talk about the space in the house where you can put your decor. It is good thing to bare in mind that you are not over crowding the place. Sometimes we are too excited and we keep buying things that we like without realizing that we have already too much in our walls and at the end we don't have space to put the new decor. For hanging wall decor, one suggestion is just replace your old decor to a new ones, however, keep the old ones and you can put it back later if miss them again or at some point you can mix the old and new once. For the fix decors like this 3D acrylic decal, you really have to think where is the perfect place to put up as this can't be amended easily.

At times we would like to beautify our home but because we don't have enough budget for it, it is usually put aside. Honestly, you don't need to buy a grandiose and very expensive decors, instead do a research on your local shops or store or even online and you will realize that there are plenty of options around. Like this 3D acrylic decor it only cost less than €10, but my daughter said "how could you have such elegant decor for such a low price." So that's what I am saying, be resourceful.

When it comes to looking for the right design, I would say that use your imagination. Before buying it, just picture out how it would turn out once you put it on the wall. Make sure you know the measurements, especially if you are buying online. Lots people are being deceive by the images shown on the websites and when it arrives it's too small or it's too big. Knowing your measurements is really a huge help and prevent you from the hassle of returning it back. 

When I bought this decor, I have to think if it suits the place where I put it, I don't have much budget but I want a unique and elegant wall decor and I ended up buying this. So far, it suits our wall very well, it has a minimalist effect. And it look fantastic! It didn't get much of the space on the wall, so we are all happy.

Thanks guys for reading our blog today and hope you get some simple tips that you can use in decorating your house. See you again next time..and please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE in our YouTube Channel, simply click the logo on the right side of this page and follow us by clicking the blue button on same side of this page.

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