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This video was taken last Christmas Eve, 24th December 2019. Our families and friends gathered together to celebrate the coming of the day that baby Jesus was born. Each and everyone of us prepared some foods for the feast. Our venue was well decorated and what's funny is some of the decors has been there since last year's Christmas, but it still fits perfectly well. Also, we decided to have a Kris Kringle to add thrill and excitement to the celebration. Of course, family photos won't be forgotten. Everyone has its own way of showing off their best smile. Indeed, this simple remembrance could bring back the memories that we had shared together. 

We open this celebration with a prayer and next thing is we dive in to the table of foods. All of us have enjoyed the tasty and delightful menus served. We had a little chat and then after that we started our Kris Kringle. Everybody was so attentive and having fun while singing the Kris Kringle song - " I love my Manito, yes I do...."  We waited for everyone to receive their present and all of us open the gift at the same time. Each of us is so curious what's inside of the box or bag we received. We were all happy seeing what we got and thankful for all the blessings we received. Happy Birthday Jesus!

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