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It's Christmas season once again. People loves going out to their favorites shopping malls and looking for a perfect gift/gifts to their love one/s. And so my daughter and I did the same. We got a chance to enjoy together and see the beautiful decorations around the Dundrum Shopping Centre. 

Dundrum Shopping Centre is a shopping centre located in Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland. It is Ireland's largest shopping centre, with almost 1,500,000 sq ft of the floor space and over 3,400  car parking spaces. It is located just south of the village centre of Dundrum. [1]

This Christmas season, the Dundrum Shopping Centre highlights the flying snowman decorations at the back of elevator near Tesco. It was fascinating to see this giant snowman floating on the air with loads of christmas lights and big presents made from lights. 

On the way out to the fountain (at the back of shopping mall) are decorated with family of Snowman,  welcoming everyone as entered the back door, and you will really feel the real essence of Christmas. 

As we go around in one of the shop, we met Santa Claus along the way, walking around and greeted everyone. 

At the back of the mall beside the fountain, there was big model of manger. And guess what? Baby Jesus was not there, we were wondering where he was....The rest were there: Mama Mary, Father Joseph, The Kings, the Shepherds and animals too. For some reason Baby Jesus was not on the manger and we don't know why.

Then, we did enjoy looking around for toys, and eventually we went home.  On the way home, we were fascinated with the lights a long the road which adds to the beauty of Christmas.

Having time to spend with my daughter was really fun indeed!

Watch our video and see how was Dundrum Shopping Centre last December 2016. So tell us how does it looks like this year? You can leave your comment down below. 

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