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Have tasted a one of a kind Spaghetti? Well try this new recipe of ours surely you will love it, especially if you are watching your kilos. As usual ensure all your ingredients are all organic and natural, in order to be free all the chemical from pesticides and artificial products. Our special ingredients Zucchini /Courgettes/Summer Squash will be substituted to our pasta noodles, thus will give you a refreshing feeling on every spoon you taste. Without must further a do, here are the


16 oz organic or free range beef (wt is only a guide but it may depend on how much you want to cook)

1 or more can of organic tamato sause ( still depends on how much you gonna cook)

1 organic zucchinni/courgette/summer squash

organic mushrooms (optional)

1 or 2 gloves of organic garlic

1 medium size organic onions

100% natural Sea Salt

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ground Pepper



1. Bring to boil the beef meat with 1/4 cup of water. Ensure that stove is in medium to high fire/heat. Once boiling spread the beef evenly and stir it from time to time till the water has been absorbed. 

2. When the water has totally gone, lower the fire/heat and you can start to saute the garlic and onions on one side of your pan using the olive virgin oil. Once the onion and garlic are all transparent, mix them well together. 

3. You can start adding your salt and pepper (depending on your preferred taste). 

4. Then add the mushroom and mix well together. Add small amount of water to simmer for few minutes till mushroom is cooked. 

5. Next, you have to add the tomato sauce on the meat and simmer for several minutes. You can adjust the taste by adding more salt or pepper if needed, and the consistency by adding a little water. Once you reach the desired consistency and taste, set aside the meat sauce.

6. Using a food processor or any other equipment you have, you can shred one zucchinni/courgette/summer squash.  You can either use the blanch or fresh zucchinni as a noodles of your spaghetti. 

7. Get a portion of zucchinni noodles and put meat sauce on the top. Then spread cheese on the top. Finally, enjoy the fruit of your labor !