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Hi guys in today's video we are feature on how to make a healthy pancake out of a very simple recipe. As we all know that pancake is a very common food we prepare at breakfast time, that is why we would like to share this recipe. This will not only give you a very simple recipe but also you will be able to learn how to prepare nutritious and healthy options for your table. As you will see, our ingredients is all from organic sources which means that it's free from chemicals and unhealthy stuffs. 

Here are our ingredients:

1/8 cup of organic flour
non-dairy organic milk
2 medium organic or free range eggs
pure honey
virgin coconut oil organic or organic butter

Method of Cooking:

1. In a bowl, mix the 1/8 cup of organic plain flour with organic non-dairy milk. Add the milk little by little until you get the desired consistency.

2. Put the 2 medium eggs in the mixture and whisk until it is totally well mix. It is optional, you can put a pure vanilla or you can leave without it. Set aside.

3. Heat the pan, a little of virgin coconut oil on the pan till it dissolve. Then pour the mixture and let it cook.

4. Once the pancake is done, pour honey sparingly on the top for a sweet subtle taste.

Enjoy eating our nutritious pancake and at the same time enjoy loosing your weight in a healthy way.

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