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It's December once again, everyone is looking around for a good Christmas tree, Christmas decor and lights. Of course, J and C corner kids is busy doing the same thing too. We went out to look for the best christmas tree for our TV room. Doing shopping is fun and cool. You can see lots of various decorations that is quite interesting. If you are buying Grown Christmas Tree, make sure you read our tips down below before buying...
Watch this video and see what Caela , JC and Althea see in the shop...Enjoy watching !
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1. LOCATION. Before buying a Christmas tree plan where you are going to locate your tree. Is it near the window, in the corner of you sitting room or tv room, or in the hallway next to your stairs. Then look the size of the space it will consume and height available.

2. THINGS NEEDED TO TRANSPORT THE TREE. Check what are the things that you need to have like measuring tape, black bag or old bed sheet for the car and ropes or straps for holding the tree securely in place.

3. ENSURE GOOD SPACE ON THE CAR. Set up the car prior heading off, especially if it will likely to rain. Empty the car's back compartment or ensure that is space alotted for the tree before heading down to your local tree supplier. 

4. LOCAL TREES VS. IMPORTED TREES. Ensure the grown trees are locally sourced for  as these are mostly cut later and will be fresher. 

5.TYPE OF CHRISTMAS TREE. There are various types of species of non-shed Christmas tree grown in Ireland. The best for needle retention are the Nordmann fir and the Noble fir. The Fraser Fir and the Lodge pole pine also have good needle retention. 

6. CHOOSING A HEALTHY TREE. A healthy lush colour with good needle retention are the hallmarks of a healthy tree. To check for needle retention simply run you hand along the branches and see that the needles don't come easily away. 

7. RIGHT PRICE. Depending on the quality and tree type, the guide price would be 7euro to 10euro per foot. 

8. TAKE OUT OLD NEEDLES. When selecting the tree and prior to netting, ask the seller to turn the tree upside down and shake the loose and deed needles out that accumulate in the centre of the trees. (Tips: this will reduce cleaning up in the car. 

9. TREE PREPARATION. Ask the seller to drill a shallow 8mm diameter hole in base of the tree to make it easier to fix to the stand when you get home. 

10. CARE FOR THE TREE. At home, carefully pare the bark back around the base of the tree( about an inch) and leave it in a bucket of water in a cold shed or outdoors until you're ready to put up the tree. For best results, use a water stand, locate the tree away from a fire and turn off any radiators next to the tree.