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Today we gonna make a pancake, not only a usual pancake but we gonna make an extra special one as we are going to use an organic ingredients making it very healthy options for your morning breakfast. Anyway, what do we mean of a pancake. A pancake is a thin, flat cake of batter, fried on both sides in a pan and typically rolled up with a sweet or savoury filling.
This is for single portion only, if you would like to cook for 2 or more person simply multiply the proportions on the number of persons/servings you would like to make.


1/8 cup organic plain flour or coconut flour
1/8 cup organic almond milk or any other organic milk
2 eggs
cinnamon (optional)
vanilla (optional)

How to Cook:

1. Mix the 1/8 cup organic plain flour with 1/8 cup organic almond milk. Stir until well mix, if in case it is too sticky you may add a little bit of almond milk as require.

2. Next add the 2 eggs on the mixture and keep stirring until everything is well blended.

3. You may add cinnamon and vanilla if you wanted.

4. Place the sauce pan in moderate fire or heat, then add a small amount of organic butter once the sauce pan starts to heat. Spread the butter evenly.

5. Now pour the mixture unto the saucepan and tilt it to distribute the mixture on the entire pan. Wait till the pancake is cook. Served with honey.
This recipe is also ideal for those people who would like to loose weight, as this is full of protein, thus lengthening the time of feeling hungry. Always, remember that losing weight is not always losing you favorite food, but rather it is choosing the right food you serve. This organic food are being absorb by our body and convert it to the energy that we needed, unlike those ingredients that are not pure and contains chemicals that are not being recognized by our body as vitamins and minerals and therefore converted and stored into fats by our body. And that is how we gain weight. So enjoy your healthy breakfast and till next time.